Law on Special Economic Zones adopted

18 Feb 2020

On 18 February 2020, the Law on Special Economic Zones was published in the official gazette of Uzbekistan. It governs the creation, operation and liquidation of zones. Additionally, it also specifies roles of different public authorities in relation to SEZs.

The law defines 5 types of zones, including: free economic zones; special scientific and technological zones; tourist and recreational areas; free trade zones; and special industrial zones. Within a zone, its participants may enjoy special custom treatment, tax and custom privileges as well as preferential access to land.

The new legislation introduces also some requirements for investors. For example, at least 90% of employees of a zone participant should consist of Uzbek nationals.

The new law will enter into force after 3 months from its publication. It repeals the old law from 1996.

  • Type:
    • Promotion and facilitation (Special economic zones)
  • Industry:
    • Not industry specific
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