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The global minimum tax spurs need for faster investment agreement reforms

27 Nov 2023

An UNCTAD report calls for accelerated reforms to align investment agreements new global tax rules. [...]

The Global Minimum Tax and Investment Treaties: Exploring Policy Options

23 Nov 2023

UNCTAD has released a report that analyses the interaction between the global minimum tax and investment protection rules contained in international investment agreements. [...]

Investment Policies for the Energy Transition: Incentives and Disincentives

21 Nov 2023

IPM 26: Investment Policies for the Energy Transition: Incentives and Disincentives [...]

Launch of multi-stakeholder platform for investment treaty reforms

20 Oct 2023

UNCTAD launches a multi-stakeholder platform for reform to ensure that investment treaties don’t hinder climate action. [...]

Global Leaders Urge Action for Sustainable Development

16 Oct 2023

At the 8th World Investment Forum, the UN Secretary-General calls for action from public and private sectors to deliver $500 billion a year in financing to developing countries. [...]

World Investment Forum: Facilitation critical for sustainable development

15 Oct 2023

Proactive investment facilitation is one of the key topics UNCTAD’s upcoming 8th World Investment Forum will tackle. [...]

Investment treaties increasingly embrace investment facilitation but more is needed

25 Sep 2023

UNCTAD takes stock of the emerging facilitation features in investment treaties and offers policy options to gear them towards sustainable development. [...]

Preparing your travel to Abu Dhabi for the World Investment Forum 2023

15 Sep 2023

The UNCTAD World Investment Forum 2023 is the biggest in-person sustainable investment event of the year. Please consult this practical information for your travel to Abu Dhabi. [...]

Energy transition calls for faster investment treaty reforms

31 Aug 2023

UNCTAD presents a new toolbox to make international investment agreements actively support the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. [...]

UNCTAD presents a new reform toolbox for the energy transition

21 Aug 2023

UNCTAD presents a reform toolbox for the energy transition in its latest report on global trends in the investment treaty regime. [...]