Enacts new legislation to promote investment in air transportation services

12 Jul 2021

On 5 July, the Government of Honduras enacted the Decreto 48-2021 "Ley de Fomento para la explotación de rutas aéreas de bajo costo (Decree 48-2021, "Promotion Law for the operation of low-cost airline routes").

According to its text, the enactment of Decree 48-2021 is in line with the objectives of attracting foreign investment in commercial aviation and facilitating market access through the implementation of administrative, operational, regulatory actions to promote the operation of air transport services.

The new legislation creates a general rebate on the airport tax (now set at 34 US dollars) for new low-cost operators as well as rebates ranging from 75% to 100% on take-off and landing charges for certain domestic airports. The bill also includes other incentives, such as a full exemption of airport services fees (such as boarding bridges, passenger check-in counters, operating internet access, administrative and operational office, lighting and parking for aircraft) during the first year of operation of a new low-cost route.