Adopts a new Investment Charter

12 Dec 2022

The Government adopted an Investment Charter, published on 12 December 2022. The Charter: • Applies to both foreign and domestic investment, except for investment in agriculture, which remains subject to sectoral legislation. Real estate and commercial sector investors are also excluded from the coverage of specific provisions of the Charter. • Aims to make Morocco a hub for FDI, reduce the disparities between the regions in investment attraction, direct investment towards priority sectors, encourage exports and the internationalisation of Moroccan enterprises, promote import substitution, improve the business climate and facilitate the investment process. • Recognizes the principles of freedom of initiative and enterprise, free competition and transparency, equal treatment of investors regardless of their nationality. It also offers a number of guarantees to investors, including on funds transfer and intellectual property protection. • Establishes investment support systems in the form of subsidies or grants for investment projects carried out in the regions or prefectures and in the priority sectors of activities. It also offers special incentives to investment projects of a strategic nature, and to very small enterprises, and SMEs, so as to encourage Moroccan companies to have an international presence.

The new Charter repeals Investment Charter No. 1-95-213 of 8 November 1995.

  • Type:
    • Treatment and operation (Non-discrimination, Capital transfer and FOREX, Dispute settlement)
    • Promotion and facilitation (Investment incentives)
  • Industry:
    • Not industry specific
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