Creates a single window for investors and a unified registry for investment projects

26 Jul 2023

On 26 July 2023, the Government of Mexico adopted the "Decreto por el que se crea la Ventanilla Única para Inversionistas y el Registro Único de Proyectos de Inversión". The decree creates a Single Window for Investors and a Single Registry for Investment Projects. The Ministry of Economy will be in charge to create the Single Window and to ensure coordination with other federal entities.

The creation of the single window aims to facilitate investment in order to promote and attract national and international investment. The decree also states that in order to position Mexico to attract foreign investment though nearshoring, measures that facilitates the planning and establishment of foreign investment projects in the country to contribute to the national development are needed.

The Single Window for Investors is intended to provide interested parties with access to information about the procedures they must follow to establish their investment in Mexico. This includes identifying competent authorities, requirements, costs, response times, office locations, phone numbers, websites, business hours, and other relevant information.

The Single Registry for Investment Projects provides a free administrative facilitation mechanism for managing the establishment of investments in Mexico that are equal to or greater than $100,000,000 or its equivalent in national currency. Registration is not mandatory but only aims to facilitate such projects.

The Single Window for Investors and the Single Registry for Investment Projects must start their operation and function within 180 natural days following the entry into force of this decree (i.e., January 24, 2024).