Defines new investment incentives and aftercare services

26 Jun 2023

On 26 June 2023, the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) issued the ‘Sub-decree of 2021 Investment Law’, which comprises seven chapters and 28 articles. The primary focus of the decree is to outline the incentives available for various types of investments. To achieve this, the decree introduces a classification for Qualified Investment Projects (QIPs) into three distinct categories. The durations of the tax incentives span nine years, six years, and three years, contingent upon the specific category to which a QIP belongs.

Notably, Category 1 encompasses 37 investment activities qualifying for the maximum tax incentive duration of nine years. Meanwhile, Category 2 incorporates 65 investment activities eligible for tax incentives spanning six years, and Category 3 is comprised of 32 investment activities that can garner three years of incentives.

Additionally, investment aftercare services have been given due recognition in the sub-decree and CDC is to be the coordinating agency for these services.