The Investment Policy Review noted that Morocco had the potential to attract increased FDI inflows and FDI of a high quality in order to meet the development objective of the Emergence Plan of moving into high value added activities. In addition, implementation of an investment charter and a number of reforms in the 1990s, as well as the privatization programme had contributed to bringing FDI to the country. However, the IPR noted that little of Morocco's FDI performance could be assigned to the

presence of a concerted FDI promotion and targeting strategy or effort.

The IPR recommended to:

  • Pursue the modernization of the regulatory framework
  • Strengthen the institutional framework
  • Develop a proactive investment strategy in order to increase inflows and encourage reinvestment
  • Strengthen Morocco's national innovation system

Other reports: Executive summary of IPR of Morocco [Spanish], Executive summary of IPR of Morocco [French], Implementation Report

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