UNCTAD investigates ISDS claims in PPP-related infrastructure sectors

22 Feb 2018

UNCTAD has launched a new section on its Investment Policy Hub centered on analyzing the role of public private partnerships (PPPs) in the pursuit of mobilizing investment for the sustainable development goals. This effort will serve as a focal point for aggregating information and expert opinions to analyze both the opportunities and risks associated with PPPs.

In looking closely at the various forms and applications of PPPs at the national and international levels the project will aid policy makers with improving policy frameworks to minimize risks associated with PPPs. Tools such as the IIA and ISDS Navigators provide sound data concerning Investor State Dispute Settlement claims and the ways in which International Investment Agreements can better ensure that States are able to adequately regulate. This is particularly critical in order for PPP investment to be channeled into to sectors connected to moving the sustainable development goals forward.

In addition, the initiative will bring together leaders and experts to provide insight through its blog on this website. By facilitating exchanges between policy makers and these individuals at the forefront of mobilizing investment through the framework of PPPs, the UNCTAD investment policy hub seeks to improve clarity around complex policy making decisions. It hopes to do so as efforts increase to meet the 2.5 trillion dollar financing gap for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Visit the PPP pages here.

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