UNCTAD to be Part of New G20 Work Stream on Trade and Investment

21 Jan 2016

The G20 has launched a new work stream on trade and investment, and asked UNCTAD, World Bank, OECD and WTO to support this work. UNCTAD will coordinate the international organizations' support for the investment work stream.

The G20 is an important player in international investment matters. Today it accounts for over half of global inward foreign direct investment (FDI) and more than two-thirds of global outward FDI in terms of both flows and stocks. G20 member countries also play a key role in international investment policies, being party to almost half of the global international investment agreements,

See the UNCTAD fact sheet on the G20 investment profile.

UNCTAD has a long-standing role in supporting G20's work on investment in the context of its contributions to the Development Working Group (food security, private investment and job creation) and the work stream on investment and infrastructure, as well as green investment. UNCTAD is also being called upon to regularly monitor G20 investment policy-making developments (together with the OECD).

For past UNCTAD work for the G20, please see the UNCTAD G20 website.