Report on the Implementation of the Investment Policy Review of Kenya

The IPR of Kenya was published in 2005 aiming at improving investment policies and providing impetus to attract FDI and achieve higher development gains from it. To this end, the report made recommendations to improve the investment framework.

In 2012, UNCTAD conducted a review to assess the extent to which the IPR recommendations had been implemented. Notable progress has been achieved in areas such as competition policy, tax administration and labour legislation. For instance, further to the adoption of a modern Competition Act in 2011, Kenya is now the only EAC country, with the United Republic of Tanzania, to have a competition authority. Likewise, the entire body of laws regulating labour conditions has been reviewed and aligned with modern practice and ILO standards. Kenya has also made progress in the implementation of IPR recommendations in other areas such as governance and institutions, human capital and infrastructure.

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