International Investment Agreements Negotiators Handbook: APEC/UNCTAD MODULES

The Handbook aims to provide practical and user-friendly information to negotiators of International Investment Agreements (IIAs) in order to assist them in the decision making process towards concluding IIAs compatible with national policy objectives. For experienced negotiators, the Handbook offers a quick and practical reminder of the main policy options, issues and implications at stake. For less experienced negotiators and other government officials, it helps to better understand IIAs. Written in plain language, it may also serve as an educational tool for capacity building.

The Handbook is divided into 26 sections (modules), each dedicated to a specific provision or issue commonly encountered in IIAs. 1 Each module identifies main approaches and policy options accompanied by sample treaty formulations from existing IIAs. Importantly, it also sets out main implications of each policy option in order to assist negotiators in making an informed choice.