Twenty-second UNCTAD-OECD Report on G20 Investment Measures

The joint UNCTAD-OECD Report reveals that investment policy making in G20 members has slowed down further during the reporting period (mid-May to mid-October 2019). Only a few G20 Members took investment policy action, and the number of measures was low.

G20 Members continued to reform their investment policies designed to safeguard essential security interests against threats associated with international investment. Three G20 Members changed their policies in the area in the reporting period.

Looking beyond FDI policies, foreign investment is increasingly affected by international trade tensions, which may have a greater impact on international investment than investment policy itself. Global FDI has already been in decline for the past two years.

Close monitoring of policy developments and continuous multilateral dialogue, as is taking place at the OECD and UNCTAD, can make important contributions to mitigate negative impacts on investment and may help countries to design policies that allow them to navigate the current uncertainties.