Report on the Implementation of the Investment Policy Review of Zambia

The Investment Policy Review of Zambia (IPR), published in 2006, assessed this country’s legal and institutional framework for investment. It also proposed a foreign direct investment (FDI) strategy to encourage economic diversification and reach sustainable development objectives.

To meet these goals, it recommended a number of policy reforms aimed at reducing the cost of land and air transport, addressing skills shortages, promoting private sector growth through enterprise development, and increasing the country’s trade competitiveness. The IPR also suggested a series of institutional reforms to improve business facilitation. It encouraged Zambia to continue pursuing macroeconomic stability, reducing the high cost of borrowing and developing critical infrastructure, including roads and electricity in rural areas.

In 2013, the Government requested UNCTAD’s assistance to prepare a report on the implementation of the IPR. Because the circumstances have changed since 2006, ongoing economic and political developments in Zambia call for the incorporation of some new elements to the recommendations of the original report.

Thus, the summary of findings presented in this report also includes some new elements for the assessment of Zambia’s institutional and legal frameworks as well as to inform the investment policy in the years ahead. This report also reflects written comments from various stakeholders, including ministries and agencies of the Government of Zambia.

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