Investment Policy Monitor No. 13

The Monitor finds that 33 countries or economies took 45 investment policy measures in the review period (March 2014–December 2014). The share of liberalization and promotion measures reached 82% – slightly above the average of recent years. These policies related to numerous sectors and industries. Despite these numerous measures aimed at improving investment conditions, there are also new concerns about the role of foreign investors in host countries.

A recent UNCTAD survey shows that countries increasingly pay attention to sustainable development in their national investment policies. However, the share of such measures among all investment-related policy changes is still low (approximately 8%). More can be done in investment policies to enhance the contribution of foreign investment to the sustainable development goals.

Regarding international investment policies, the Monitor finds that 51 economies concluded 26 new international investment agreements (IIAs). These include 14 bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and 12 "other IIAs." Negotiations for one megaregional agreement (CETA) were concluded, and negotiations for 6 others continue.