Investment Policy Review of Togo

The Government of Togo has shown strong political will to improve the investment climate and has carried out numerous reforms. The adoption of new texts affecting land and labour, as well as the digitization of procedures in several areas, including business establishment, taxation, customs and commercial litigation, have improved the country’s ranking in international indicators. However, foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows remained volatile and below expectations. To exploit the proven potential in agriculture, agro-industry or logistics in particular, and to firmly anchor the country on the path of sustainable development, additional measures/new reforms are necessary.

In this context, the Investment Policy Review (IPR) of Togo aims to support and strengthen the impact of the efforts made by the Government. The IPR analyzes the policy, legal and institutional barriers that impede the potential of FDI and hinder the development of the local private sector. To overcome them, the IPR provides concrete and targeted recommendations based on UNCTAD's Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development. It also presents a strategy to attract and promote investments in more diversified activities. The proposed reforms also aim to encourage the emergence of a strong local private sector and to deconcentrate economic activity for the benefit of all regions of the country.

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