DIAE Bibliography Publications List (2000–2022)

The UNCTAD Investment and Enterprise Division is the focal point in the United Nations system for investment and enterprise development. As a global centre of excellence, the Division conducts leading-edge policy research, provides technical assistance and builds international consensus among the 195 member States of the organization. Its mission is to promote investment and enterprise for sustainable and inclusive development.

The Division provides, among others, 2 flagship products (the World Investment Report and the World Investment Forum) and 7 core services:

  • Investment information and research (GTM, FDI/TNC/GVCs databases);
  • Investment policies (IPFSD, IPRs, IIA, IPM)
  • Investment promotion (IPA network, iGuides, SPN)
  • Responsible investment (PRAI, SSE, IP/AtM)
  • Business facilitation (eRegulation, eRegistration)
  • Entrepreneurship development (EPF, EMPRETEC, linkages)
  • Accounting and reporting (ISAR)

Most of the publications of the Division are downloadable free-of-charge from UNCTAD's website or the organization's investment policy hub.