Thirteenth Report on G20 Investment Measures

Investment policy measures introduced by G-20 members between mid-October 2014 and mid-May 2015 tended to enhance openness for international investment, the joint report found. The findings were prepared by UNCTAD and the OECD that are part of a wider report on trade and investment measures in the G20 issued periodically by UNCTAD, the OECD and the WTO.

According to the Report, during the reporting period the following measures were adopted:

  • Five G20 members - Australia, Canada, P.R. China, India and Mexico - amended their investment-specific policies.
  • Two G20 members - Canada and the Russian Federation - amended their investment policies related to national security.
  • Five G20 members - Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia and Japan - concluded seven bilateral investment treaties and four other international investment agreements.

The inclusion of any measure in these Reports implies no judgment by the WTO, OECD or UNCTAD Secretariats on whether or not such measure, or its intent, is protectionist in nature. Moreover, nothing in the Reports implies any judgment, either direct or indirect, as to the consistency of any measure referred to in the Reports with the provisions of any WTO, OECD, or UNCTAD agreements.