World Investment Report 1998 - Trends and Determinants

WIR 98 is the eighth in an annual series which has been recognized as the most up-to-date, comprehensive source of information and analysis regarding foreign direct investment (FDI). The Report documents the continuing growth of FDI which reached new record levels in 1997. Apart from standard chapters featuring FDI trends at the global and regional levels, the report covers policy developments as well as the top 100 largest TNCs worldwide and the top 50 largest TNCs from developing countries. Special attention is paid to the impact of the financial crises in Asia on FDI flows to and from that region; success stories in terms of attracting FDI in Africa; the interrelationship between FDI, exports and the balance-of-payments in Latin America and the Caribbean; and the absorptive capacity for FDI of Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, WIR 98 has an extensive analysis of the host country determinants of FDI flows.

As in the past years, the Report offers useful empirical information and policy analysis for decision makers in government, business and researchers in academia alike.