Investment Policy Review of Uganda

The IPR of Uganda was published in 2000. It formulated recommendations on how to improve Uganda’s investment framework, investment promotion efforts and strategies to attract and benefit from FDI. It spelled out a “Big Push” strategy of investment promotion requiring a dramatic and sustained set of actions, arguing that minor adjustments would yield mediocre results.

In 2005, UNCTAD also prepared the Blue Book on Best Practice in Investment Promotion and Facilitation that suggested 10 measures to be implemented over a period of 12 months and intended to move Uganda towards best practice in investment promotion and facilitation.

In 2006, UNCTAD carried out a review to assess the extent to which IPR recommendations had been implemented and touched upon the 10 measures suggested in the Blue Book. The Report on the Implementation of the IPR highlights that while the overall implementation record is good, a recurrent weakness in Uganda is the relatively slow pace in moving from conception to realization. A number of key reforms have been rigorously discussed and planned over the past few years, but have not yet reached completion.
These include the modernization of the Investment Act, the development of the Kampala International Business Park, improvements in the railway system and the hydroelectric projects. As a result, major infrastructure bottlenecks —international land transport and power in particular— remain key obstacles to investment.

Since the IPR was published, UNCTAD has assisted the Government to:

  • sensitize the President and his Cabinet on the findings of the IPR.
  • provide training workshop on customer orientation to the Uganda Investment Authority and helped it develop a client charter.
  • advise the Uganda Investment Authority on the creation of multi-facility economic zones.
  • produce an Investment Guide to Uganda and one for the East African Community.
  • produce a Blue Book on Best Practice in Investment Promotion and Facilitation.
  • set up an entrepreneur promotion programme (Empretec).

Other reports: Report on the Implementation of the Investment Policy Review of Uganda, Investment Guide to Uganda, Investment Guide to the East African Community