Investment Policy Review of Peru

At the time of the IPR, Peru had been extremely successful in attracting FDI, although this was to some extent linked to its privatization programme. The challenge Peru faced was to build on its success to attract investments in new areas.The IPR recommended the following measures:

  • fine-tuning the investment framework
  • strengthening investment promotion
  • strengthening Peru´s competitiveness and broadening FDI
  • encouraging regional cooperation.

Following the publication of the IPR, UNCTAD has provided assistance to:

  • develop an investment targeting strategy to increase the capacity of regional governments to attract strategic foreign investors at the regional level.
  • implement an Investment Gateway tool and a capacity building programme in investment promotion and targeting.
  • develop investment promotion tools and conduct an investment promotion event in one pilot sector.
  • equip the Andean secretariat with the tools´ methodology for use by its member countries upon request.
  • organize a training workshop on investment promotion for Peruvian diplomats posted in Europe.
  • prepare an investor targeting strategy for the agro-industry sector, including a promotional CD.
  • make recommendations on corporate taxation reform, customs duty arrangements and free zones development.