Investment Policy Review of Morocco

The Investment Policy Review noted that Morocco had the potential to attract increased FDI inflows and FDI of a high quality in order to meet the development objective of the Emergence Plan of moving into high value added activities.

In addition, implementation of an investment charter and a number of reforms in the 1990s, as well as the privatization programme had contributed to bringing FDI to the country. However, the IPR noted that little of Morocco´s FDI performance could be assigned to the presence of a concerted FDI promotion and targeting strategy or effort.
The IPR recommended to:

  • Pursue the modernization of the regulatory framework
  • Strengthen the institutional framework
  • Develop a proactive investment strategy in order to increase inflows and encourage reinvestment
  • Strengthen Morocco's national innovation system

Following the completion of the IPR, UNCTAD has assisted the Government to:

  • Carry out a training course on the methodology of collection and analysis of FDI statistics, including on how to prepare a national investment survey
  • Draft a new Investment Code
  • Prepare the Investment Guide to Morocco
  • Conduct an in-depth review of the international investment agreements with a view to supporting the elaboration of a model bilateral investment treaty

The report is available in French