Shaping Investment Policies Around the World

UNCTAD’s Investment Policy Review (IPR) programme started in 1999 with the first comprehensive assessment of Egypt’s investment climate and FDI strategy. Over the following decade, reviews have been undertaken all around the globe, from countries in South and East Asia to Central America, South East Europe and across Africa. These projects, which are comprehensive, customized and innovative, have helped to shape the landscape for best practices in investment policy in developing and transition economies.

The IPRs provide an independent and objective evaluation of the policy, regulatory and institutional environment for FDI and propose customized recommendations to governments to attract and benefit from increased flows of FDI.

The benefits which countries have gained from FDI include jobs both in the foreign firms themselves and crucially also in local supplier firms; capital investment; and higher exports. Dynamic benefits accrue, for example, from the stimuli to entrepreneurship and innovation as local small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) learn from the foreign investors.

However, FDI may also entail risks; and the policy advice provided by the IPRs aims to ensure that the regulatory regime for investment adequately protects the public interest and promotes investment and sustainable socio-economic development.