Virtual IIA Conference 2020: videos & statements available

24 Nov 2020

On 26 November, investment policymakers and stakeholders will discuss “IIA Reform in Times of COVID-19” at UNCTAD's Virtual IIA Conference.

Over 20 pre-conference video messages and written statements are now available. The videos and statements from governments and stakeholders around the world inform about ongoing reform efforts. They accompany the live discussions that will take place at the Virtual IIA Conference 2020 on 26 November.

IIA reform remains a daunting task for all member States, with the challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Policymakers, IIA practitioners, civil society and legal scholars need to urgently take stock of ongoing reform efforts in times of COVID-19, in terms of both what IIA reform measures countries and regional organizations undertook or are considering to undertake in response to the crisis, and how to maintain and strengthen the reform momentum in light of the increased fragility of economies around the world that places added emphasis on the importance of FDI as a means of development finance.

The Virtual IIA Conference will aim to pave the way for further inclusive, transparent, and synchronized IIA reform processes in the pursuit of sustainable development in the post COVID-19 era.

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