IIA Reform Event Update: Speakers' List and Agenda Available

31 Oct 2019

Event Page: High-level IIA Conference 2019

Over 60 speakers and co-chairs will contribute to IIA Reform discussions at UNCTAD’s High-level IIA Conference 2019 on 13 November in Geneva, Switzerland.

The draft programme foresees plenaries, break-out sessions and side events.

Modernizing the stock of old-generation treaties (Phase 2 of IIA Reform) will be the lead topic throughout all sessions.

Registration is still open (click here).

The IIA Conference 2019, only days away, will bring together chief IIA negotiators, international organizations, the private sector, civil society and academia. It will aim to pave the way for further inclusive, transparent and synchronized IIA reform processes in the pursuit of sustainable development.

Event page (click here)

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