Azucarera del Guadalfeo and Martín v. Dominican Republic Azucarera del Guadalfeo S.A. and Joaquín Francisco Martín Montero v. Dominican Republic (PCA Case No. 2020-01)
Dominican Republic
Ownership of local subsidiary Azucarera Porvenir, S. R. L., which operated the Porvenir sugar mill in San Pedro de Macorís.
Claims arising out of the State Sugar Council’s alleged illegal take-over of sugar production facilities operated by the claimants’ local subsidiary based on a lease agreement with the State Sugar Council.
Secondary: C - Manufacturing
10 - Manufacture of food products
PCA (Permanent Court of Arbitration)
Júdice, J. M.
Hierro, A.
Malintoppi, L.
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46.80 mln USD
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