iZee v. Georgia iZee Enterprises LLC, Lazer-2 Tbilisi Ltd., and Cafe Rustaveli Ltd. v. Georgia
United States of America
Fifty percent shareholding in each of three Georgian companies, Lazer-2 and SonyCentre-Tiblisi which sold Sony products in Georgia, and Café Rustaveli, a Georgian restaurant.
Claims arising out of the alleged seizure of claimant's business premises in Tbilisi by officers from the Georgian Interior Department.
Tertiary: G - Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
Tertiary: I - Accommodation and food service activities
47 - Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
56 - Food and beverage service activities
None (no administering institution)
Lalonde, M.
Hobér, K.
Craig, W. L.
Data not available
12.00 mln USD
Data not available
Direct expropriation
Not applicable - settled or discontinued before decision on liability