Vöcklinghaus v. Czech Republic Peter Franz Vöcklinghaus v. Czech Republic
Shareholding of 50 per cent in the company KOMFORT V.P. Cihelny, spol. s r.o., engaged in the construction of a professional golf course in the Czech Republic.
Claims arising out of the alleged forced bankruptcy and takeover of claimant's investment in the Cihelna golf course in the Northwest of the Czech Republic.
Tertiary: R - Arts, entertainment and recreation
93 - Sports activities and amusement and recreation activities
None (no administering institution)
Beechey, J.
Klein, B.
Lévy, L.
Decided in favour of State
60.00 mln USD
Data not available
Indirect expropriation

Fair and equitable treatment/Minimum standard of treatment, including denial of justice claims

Full protection and security, or similar

Arbitrary, unreasonable and/or discriminatory measures
None - all claims dismissed at the merits stage