Cesare Galdabini v. Russia Cesare Galdabini SpA v. Russian Federation
Russian Federation
Accounts receivable under certain supply agreement concluded between Galdabani and the respondent.
Claims arising out of Russia's alleged refusal to settle a debt owed for EUR 278’000 worth of equipment, which Galdabini supplied during the 1980s to a Soviet foreign trading enterprise for the ultimate benefit of VAZ, a private company.
Secondary: C - Manufacturing
29 - Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
None (no administering institution)
Kaufmann-Kohler, G.
Hertzfeld, J. M.
Vilkova, N.
Decided in favour of State
Award dated May 2011
392.00 mln EUR (580.00 mln USD)
Data not available
Data not available
None - jurisdiction declined