Dunkeld v. Belize (II) Dunkeld International Investment Limited v. The Government of Belize (II) (PCA Case No. 2010-21)
United Kingdom
Majority shareholding in the Belizean telecommunications company Belize Telemedia Limited; right to arbitrate.
Claims arising out of an injunction from Belizean courts against arbitral proceedings previously initiated by the claimant against Belize concerning the alleged expropriation of its investment in the telecoms company Telemedia Limited, and Dunkeld's consideration that this action was tantamount to the State's expropriation of claimant's right to pursue arbitration.
Tertiary: J - Information and communication
61 - Telecommunications
PCA (Permanent Court of Arbitration)
van den Berg, A. J.
Beechey, J.
Oreamuno Blanco, R.
175.00 mln USD
24.60 mln USD
Indirect expropriation
Not applicable - settled or discontinued before decision on liability