Dagher v. Sudan Michael Dagher v. Republic of the Sudan (ICSID Case No. ARB/14/2)

Shareholding, through certain intermediary companies, in the Sudanese company Jet Net, which held license rights to build, operate and own a retail business of wireless communications granted by the Sudanese Ministry of Communications.
Claims arising out of the Government's alleged failure to grant frequencies for a wireless internet network that was built by a company in which the claimant held shares.
Tertiary: J - Information and communication
61 - Telecommunications
ICSID (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes)
ICSID (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes)
Banifatemi, Y.
Park, W. W.
Khan, M. A.
Decision on Jurisdiction dated 10 November 2017
Order taking note of the discontinuance of the proceeding pursuant to ICSID Arbitration Rule 43(1) dated 3 August 2020
35.00 mln USD
Data not available
Data not available
Not applicable - settled or discontinued before decision on liability