Nelson v. Mexico Joshua Dean Nelson v. United Mexican States (ICSID Case No. UNCT/17/1)
United States of America
Majority ownership of Tele Fácil México, S.A. de C.V (“Tele Fácil”), a locally incorporated company with a concession to operate as a telecommunications provider.
Claims arising out of certain decisions by Mexico’s federal telecommunications regulator IFT related to a disagreement between Tele Fácil and a large telecommunications provider in Mexico, Telmex, over the terms of an interconnection agreement. Allegedly, IFT failed to enforce a resolution, which it had rendered in Tele Fácil’s favour, and subsequently issued decisions that resolved the disagreement with Telmex to the claimant's detriment, rendering Tele Fácil commercially unviable and denying it access to the Mexican telecommunications market. According to the claimant, IFT subjected Tele Fácil to disproportionate enforcement actions and Mexican courts failed to address IFT’s misconduct.
Tertiary: J - Information and communication
61 - Telecommunications
ICSID (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes)
Zuleta, E.
Veeder, V. V.
Gomezperalta Casali, M.
Decided in favour of State
500.00 mln USD
Data not available
Fair and equitable treatment/Minimum standard of treatment, including denial of justice claims

Indirect expropriation
None - all claims dismissed at the merits stage
Judicial review by national courts
Judicial review by national courts
Award/decision upheld