SGS v. Philippines SGS Société Générale de Surveillance S.A. v. Republic of the Philippines (ICSID Case No. ARB/02/6)
Rights under an agreement for the provision of comprehensive import supervision services entered into with the Philippines.
Claims arising out of alleged breaches of an agreement concluded between the investor, a corporation which provided verification, testing, monitoring and certification services, and the Philippines.
Tertiary: M - Professional, scientific and technical activities
74 - Other professional, scientific and technical activities
ICSID (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes)
ICSID (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes)
El-Kosheri, A. S.
Crivellaro, A.
Crawford, J. R.
140.00 mln USD
Data not available
Fair and equitable treatment/Minimum standard of treatment, including denial of justice claims

Umbrella clause

Arbitrary, unreasonable and/or discriminatory measures
Not applicable - settled or discontinued before decision on liability