Puma Energy v. Benin Puma Energy Holdings SARL v. the Republic of Benin
Investments in a fuels terminal acquired by local subsidiary Puma Benin.
Claims arising out of the decision of an appeals court in Benin that nullified Puma Benin’s purchase of a fuels terminal in Cotonou and ordered the claimant’s local subsidiary to pay approx. US$15 million in damages to a minority shareholder in the divesting company Benin Petroleum Services, as well as Benin’s alleged failure to comply with an emergency order rendered under the SCC Rules to prevent enforcement of the court decision.
Tertiary: H - Transportation and storage
49 - Land transport and transport via pipelines
SCC (Stockholm Chamber of Commerce)
SCC (Stockholm Chamber of Commerce)
Kettani, A.
Sullivan, J. M.
Youssef, K. A.
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