Sunlodges v. Tanzania Sunlodges Ltd (BVI) and Sunlodges (T) Limited v. The United Republic of Tanzania (PCA Case No. 2018-09)
Tanzania, United Republic of
Ownership of the Mikindani (or Kabisela) estate used for cattle farming activities.
Claims arising out of the Government's alleged seizure of the claimants’ cattle farming land in order to build a cement works and a power station.
Primary: A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing
1 - Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
PCA (Permanent Court of Arbitration)
Heiskanen, V.
Williams, D. A. R.
Onwuamaegbu, U.
Decided in favour of investor
34.70 mln USD
11.30 mln USD
Direct expropriation

Indirect expropriation

Fair and equitable treatment/Minimum standard of treatment, including denial of justice claims

Full protection and security, or similar

Arbitrary, unreasonable and/or discriminatory measures

National treatment

Most-favoured nation treatment
Indirect expropriation